Monday, November 23, 2009

America`s Next Top Model Book 1 Face Value

America`s Next Top Model Book 1: Face Value

Published:August 1,2009

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

3 Stars

Summary: Get ready for a world of high-fashion and high drama with a fabulous fiction series inspired by the hit TV show America`s Next Top Model!

Alexis: With my red hair and blue eyes, I may seem just like another shy small town girl. But I have some serious secrets up my sleeve.

Chloe:I`ve inherited my supermodel mom`s looks,and everyone expects me to flow in her Jimmy Choos. The catch? My wildest dreams has nothing to do with a runway.

Lindsay: Just call me the comeback kid. I used to be a celeb,but my star power dimmed. Now,I`m hoping that my beauty,brains,and a little bit of backstabbing will make me famous again.

Shiva-Rose:As the exotic-international girl,I`ve got my mystery working in my favor. But will a crush on the wrong guy threaten my chance of winning?

Review: I never watched America`s Next Top Model,so I don't know much about it. For me,The book started a little slow. And Sometimes it had the dumbest lines like:

"She`s serious like a scientist."

I get it now,but it really annoyed me. It was just really stupid and random.

I liked most of the characters.but there was one character that I HATED. Lindsay. She used to be a celebrity bu then she got fat and her parents wanted her to get a better education. She was a flat-out bitch. Excuse my French. But,I really didn`t want to read about her. Alexis and Chloe I liked. Shiva-Rose was ok.

The book was ok. I was expecting more. The ending I liked. I also liked some of the jokes. It wasn`t that bad but it could have been a lot more better.

Overall: An ok start to a new series.

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