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Carlos Is Gonna Get It by: Kevin Emerson

Carlos Is Gonna Get It by: Kevin Emerson
Published: October 1,2008 by Arthur A. Levine Books

How strange is Carlos? REALLY strange. He scratches himself all the time, and he talks about aliens in this weird shaky voice, and he breaks up the class and gets everyone else in trouble when it's *his* fault he's such a freak.

So Trina, Donte, Thea, Sara, and Frankie decide to use the upcoming 7th-grade class trip to "get" Carlos and scare him into acting normal. But when Trina has to work with Carlos on a class project, she discovers both his sweetness and the full extent of his troubles. Will she pull out of the plan or go through with it? And what will happen if--when--Carlos gets it?

Review: Carlos Is Gonna Get It is a very addicting read. It tells about Trina and her friends Thea,Donte,Frankie,and Sara. Each one of them have different personalities and it's fun to see how they all react together.

This story was overall very addicting,but it did have it's flaws. The main characters sometimes really annoyed me. Trina was very bitchy toward Carlos when it's pretty clear that there's something wrong with him. There was one part in the book where Trina just couldn't decide to do the trick or not. If your heart tells you not to do it then don't! Also,Trina tried to act tough but really, the only person she was mean too was Carlos. I felt that Thea was too well played and a traitor and Donte was just a big jerk.

In the beginning, Sara was the quiet girl who liked to read and was very smart. Then in the middle,something happens to Sara. She becomes depressed and bitchy. I kinda liked this because it was kinda nice to see her come out of her shell.

Even through this difficulties,the story was very addicting. I would recommend it to middle school kids.

Grade: 4.5 stars

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