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The Killer's Cousin by: Nancy Werlin

The Killer's Cousin by: Nancy Werlin
Published: November 1,1998 by Delacorte

Summary: Recently acquitted of accidentally killing his girlfriend but still crucified with guilt, 17-year-old David has moved to Massachusetts to complete his senior year of high school. His aunt and uncle have offered him shelter. His attic apartment in their house is full of ghostly shadows at night, his aunt is cold, and his 11-year-old cousin Lily is hostile. As Lily's behavior becomes more threatening towards him, David wonders what secrets lurk within Lily. The more he thinks about Lily, the more he is forced to deal with his own past. Is Lily a killer too?

Review: Seventeen year-old David Bernard Yaffe was just acquitted off a murder that he didn't mean to commit. To get out of town and to retake his senior year he stays in his uncle's house in Massachusetts. David is happy to get out of the media but then he starts hearing humming and starts seeing shadows and his eleven year-old cousin Lilly is really starting to freak him out. Soon,secrets of his uncle's family start coming out and some of David's secrets too.

The Killer's Cousin was a great book and also my first by Nancy Werlin. The characters seemed very real to me. Like Frank,David's skinhead friend and Raina,another girl who lived in his uncle's house. I also liked the uncle Vic who was just a quiet gut trying not to start trouble. Some characters I just could NOT stand like Julia and Lily. Julia was a very bitchy aunt who I could not stand but,I think Lily was a lot more annoying(plus creepy!) Lilly would just yell at David when he was trying to make her life better! David would hardly do anything and she would just explode at him. David also got slightly annoying to me by the middle of the book.

The Killer's Cousin was a very addicting read. I read it while I was in Canada and in a car which is pretty rare for me.The ending was a bit easy to figure out but I still can't wait to read more from Nancy Werlin.

3.5 stars

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