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Movers & Fakers By:Lisi Harrison


Movers and Fakers by: Lisi Harrison
Published:April 6,2010 by Poppy

Eccentric billionaire Shira Brazille founded the super-exclusive Alpha Academy to nurture the next generation of exceptional dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors. It's a dream come true for one hundred lucky girls, but those not measuring up will be sent home at any time, for any reason. The one left standing will win worldwide fame. Who will it be?

Skye Hamilton arrived at Alpha Academy ready to dance circles around the competition, but she's having a hard time feeling the beat. Her newest HAD (Hope and Dream): less stress, more fun. Now Skye's torn between what kind of Alpha she wants to be, and which ├╝ber-hawt Brazille boy she wants to be with.

Charlie Deery can invent practically anything--except girlfriends. But now Allie A. is warming to her, and Charlie wants to keep it that way--even if it means helping Allie A. land Darwin. But will hooking up her ex-crush end up crushing her?

Allie A. Abbott is serious-leh relieved she hasn't been sent home yet, especially now that everyone knows she's more faux than a St. Tropez spray tan. Can she prove she's a true Alpha after all? Or will she go from beautiful to beta-ful?

If at first you don't succeed,then you're not an alpha

Review: Movers & Fakers is the second book in the Alpha series by Lisi Harrison and in my opinion was even better than the original Alpha book.

Movers & fakers starts off where Alphas left off. Skye is brokenhearted when her dance teacher chooses Triple as class favorite over her. Charlie has to face giving away her ex-boyfriend,Darwin, to her new bestfriend Allie J a.k.a Allie A. Meanwhile,Allie A. has to keep her real identity a secret from her other classmates now that Shira knows her secret.

Movers & Fakers was a great sequel to Alphas. In this book, I felt that the characters were less annoying (except for the usual "Ehmahgawd!") Allie A. and Charlie were very likable in this book while Skye, I still had problems with. Skye was always more stuck up then the others to me. There was a part in the book where she said that Yonkers,South Bronx,e.t.c. were the worst places to live,which really got me pissed off.

Other than that, I really liked this book. I like how it's very different than The Clique by being more futuristic and a little bit less annoying.

4 stars

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