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Belle of the Brawl by: Lisi Harrison

Belle of the Brawl by: Lisi Harrison

Published: October 5, 2010 by Poppy

Other books in this series: Alphas and Movers & Fakers

Summary: Eccentric billionaire Shira Brazille founded the super-exclusive Alpha Academy to nurture the next generation of exceptional dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors. It's a dream come true for one hundred lucky girls, but those not measuring up will be sent home at any time, for any reason. The one left standing will win worldwide fame. Who will it be?

Skye Hamilton arrived at Alpha Academy ready to dance circles around the competition, but she's having a hard time feeling the beat. Her newest HAD (Hope and Dream): less stress, more fun. Now Skye's torn between what kind of Alpha she wants to be, and which ├╝ber-hawt Brazille boy she wants to be with.

Charlie Deery can invent practically anything--except girlfriends. But now Allie A. is warming to her, and Charlie wants to keep it that way--even if it means helping Allie A. land Darwin. But will hooking up her ex-crush end up crushing her?

Allie A. Abbo
tt is serious-leh relieved she hasn't been sent home yet, especially now that everyone knows she's more faux than a St. Tropez spray tan. Can she prove she's a true Alpha after all? Or will she go from beautiful to beta-ful?

If at first you don't succeed, you're not an alpha.

Review: Skye, Charlie, and Allie have gone through a lot at Alpha Academy, but their adventure has just started. Sydney,one of Shira's five sons, starts liking Skye. But Skye really doesn't like Sydney, she likes Taz, his brother. But if she breaks Syd's heart, Shira will expell her from Alpha Academy. Charlie still likes Darwin. The good news? He likes her back. The bad news? Allie still can't get over Darwin. The solution? Get Allie to start liking Darwin's other brother, Melbourne. Allie is ready to get back to business but the real Allie J is making this very tough on her by making a whole album based on her identity theft and now she is making everybody hate her at Alpha Academy (well except for Skye and Charlie) What's an alpha to do?

Belle of the Brawl may be the third book in the series but it still shows that the Alphas series hasn't lost its spark. It still delivers so many twists and turns it makes your head spin.

In the last book, Movers & Fakers, I wasn't a big fan of the characters,especially Skye, but I really liked them in this. In the last book, Skye was so snotty I really just couldn't take her anymore, but I really liked her in this book. I loved her determination to be the best in her dancing class. Charlie's relationship with Darwin is so Cute! I loved how she made sure Allie was over with Darwin before she made a move for Darwin. I think Allie is my favorite of the three. I loved how she bounced back quickly from the Allie J experience.

I also loved the minor characters Triple, Ophelia, Tweety, and all five of Shira's sons. If I had to pick my favorite son I would have to pick Sydney, I love my poets. :)

I did have a few problems with this though. I thought that some of the stuff Lisi Harrison wrote were very hard believe. I don't know about you, but can you imagine an "A" shaped boat? Also in the book it always describes Allie as having blond hair then why is she a brunette on the cover? Is it her or her when she is Allie J?

Overall: 4 Stars

The last book of the Alpha series, Top of the Feud Chain, comes out in May 2011.

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  1. i wished u wrote some MORE spoilers..hehe..i love spoilers!! Lemme just say that I love Charlie and Darwin together. Darlie/Charwin forever!! They're my fave characters. I agree with you, some stuffs in the book are unrealistic but it came from Lisi Harrison's mind. It was her ideal island, and stuffs from her imagination. You gotta let her put some of that in the book and it was very fun to imagine all the cool gadgets and stuff. A writer can write anything they like in a book. PS: I'am also a young writer. Anyways, no offense though. Love yah!! :)