Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Clique: Charmed and Dangerous

The Clique Prequel: Charmed and Dangerous by: Lisi Harrison
Released:October 27,2009
Publisher: Poppy

4.o stars

Summary: Happy New Clique!
Once upon a time,in Westchester and Orlando,they were four betas just waiting for their alpha.It took a miracle to bring the Pretty Commitee together-or rather,a New Year Yves party. Because sometimes when you meet someone it just cliques.

Massie Block: Is destined to lead,but trapped as a beta in the Ahnnabees,the top clique at PMS (Presbyterian Middle School). She has ah-mazing ideas-Friday night sleepovers,Gossip Points and matching charm bracelets. When will it be her time to rule?

Alicia Rivera: Is dying to lead the Body Alive Dance Studio Squad. With the captain on vacation,BADSS`s live performance on Merri-lee Marvil`s New Year Yves show is her chance to shine. Will she prove herself alpha-worthy-or will she have to find a whole new clique?

Dylan Marvil: Is done,done,and done with people kissing her teeny-tiny butt just because her mom is famous. But who will be brave enough to stand up to someone so Marvilous?

Kristen Gregory: Has made a New Year`s resolution to make friends and get a life. Escape from Planet Loser!

Claire Lyons: Is physced times ten to win a last-minute invitation to the New Year Yves satellite party in Orlando. But first she needs to sneak out of the house. And the countdown to midnight begins in ten...nine...eight...

Review: Wow,I was surprised about this book. I got it last night and loved the cover. I read the whole series and it was so cool to see how the clique was formed. It was one of those book where everything comes together at the end. I also love the title because the book you`ll understand.

I hated all the characters except for the Pretty Committee (except Dylan) Brook,Derrick,and Cam. They were so annoying! When I was their age I was NEVER like that. Massie was more nicer in this book and Dylan was always saying how skinny she was but really in the older books she is always saying how fat she is. Oh and also I dont know why this made me laugh but uh Dylan has two older sisters named Ryan and Jaime. I guess Merri Lee really wanted boys. lol.

Overall: Had many twists and turns and was addicting.

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