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Inner Circle by:Kate Brian

Inner Circle by:Kate Brian
Released: August 28,2007
Publisher: Simon Pulse

4.5 stars

Summary:Last year was just the beginning. Welcome to the inner circle.

Reed Brennan arrived at Easton Academy expecting to find an idyllic private school experience-challenging classes,adorably preppy boys,and a chance to create a new life for herself. Instead,she discovered lies,deception,blackmail,and...murder. But,thankfully,the killers were caught and the nightmare is finally over.

The Billings Girls are gone.

Now with a new school year ahead of her,Reed steps back on Easton`s ivy-colored campus ready to start over. So when the headmaster announces that Billings is forbidden from holding their traditional,secretive initiation,Reed is relived. She champions the new rules and the six new girls the administration has picked to live in Billings Hall: Constance,Missy,Lorna,Kiki,Astrid,and newcomer Sabine.

But Reed`s fellow Billings resident and new nemesis,Cheyenne Martin,believes the changes are a mockery of Billings history. Despite the new rules,Cheyenne vows to keep the old ways alive,no matter what-or who-stands in her way..

Summary: Wow. I literally just finished this book literally 10 minutes ago and I`m still speechless about it. The book doesn't take place right after the last one but in the new school year. Reed actually finally becomes like able. I always hated her after Private. But,in this book something about Reed changed.
I loved the idea of the plot. I would have probably read this in day or two but I was so busy! I had 4 tests today and 2 pop quizzes the day before that! The book was great my only complaints were the ending left me confused and I wished we got to know Sabrine,the new girl more. If you read the book why would Cheyenne do THAT? I mean,seriously and tell Reed that`s it`s all her fault? That's messed up. Other than that it was great.

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