Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Stepfather

The Stepfather (came out October 14,2009

3 stars

Summary:I know this isnt book related,but since I haven`t been really posting I decided to do a movie review. The movie is about Michael(played by the super sexy Penn Badgeley) returning from Military school and finding that his mother(played by Sela Ward) is engaged to Jay (Jon Tenney) Little does the family know that Jay is a murderer who is known for meeting women with children in supermarkets,marring them,and then murdering them. Will this family be murdered too? (I know bad summary,just made it up like 5 minutes ago)

review: The movie was better than I thought. I thought it would be a cheap teen slasher flick. But I was wrong. There wasn`t a lot of killing or violence. It had more dialogue then violence. So,sometimes I got a little bored.

Michael's girlfriend annoyed me the most! Michael would keep telling her all this proof and she would always push it off.

Michael: He erased all the pictures of him on my phone!

Girlfriend: Well,maybe he`s camera shy!

Wtf?? lol

Overall,It was good. It`s a thriller. Don't let it fool you!


  1. Is this like a remake of the old 1980's Stepfather movie? I just watched it, it was creepy but also kinda "funny" because the quality of the filming is pretty crappy. But in that one a man always develops a new identity, marries a woman with children, kills them and disappears with new identity.

    I have to check this up... It is worth of checking up if Penn Badgeley is in it. ;)

  2. Yeah it was. It wasen`t that scary. There is a scene where Penn is only in a towel so it was worth it. ;] lol